Your words to us: Members’ Survey Results

At ASCC, your membership matters.  Thank you to all who participated in our recent Members’ Survey – we are so glad to hear from you.  Your comments in “word art” form show what is important to you about ASCC: programs, artists, art, and community.  If you have not renewed already, please renew online today!

But don’t take our word for it!  Read your comments below.

“The Art School is a small organization that has a big impact. It employs top-notch artists like Maj Kalfus and its director Kathryn Kosto is doing an outstanding job. More in our community need to support this hard-working organization. Good work!” 

“Everyone is very welcoming and although I haven’t been a member long, I am grateful that this resource is available.”

“The school is such a great resource for all of our community. It is growing the next generation of artists. It has a great faculty and the director is doing an outstanding job.”

“The Art School does an incredible amount of art programming in our community. Programs are consistently of high quality and are inclusive. The school has flourished under the leadership of the director Kathryn Kosto – she works hard to create a welcoming environment with programs of incredible quality. The faculty she has drawn are a real asset to the school as well. I only wish I could give more to support this Columbia County treasure.” 

“Many possibilities to meet and support other artists.” 

“I feel welcome and have met wonderful new people. I enjoy being surrounded by art. Love making the kits for the school/library programs.”

“Welcoming to new members, outreach programs”

“It’s mission”

“Their goals are important”

“inclusiveness. quality. friendly atmosphere. engaging exhibits and programs.”

“I like its location, its programs for adults and children, wonderful exhibit concepts and opportunities, and its efforts to become an exciting center for art in this community.” 

“Classes, exhibit opportunities and the work it does to bring art awareness to the county.” 

“Everything we are doing. Wish I has more time. I very much appreciate out Director Kathryn Kosto and her devotion to the school and her ability to get the participation of so many well informed practicing artists in the various programs. Her ability to negotiate the schools needs in a well organized and professional yet personable manner is outstanding and as I know from my own long professional career is rare.” 

“Its dedication to art and community”

“The idea of bringing art to local schools and support of local artists.” 

“The whole idea of enrichment for the community”

“its outreach programs and the quality of its programs.” 





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