Tim Ebneth

TimEbnethTim Ebneth is an artist, illustrator and designer who lives and works in Kinderhook, NY.  Growing up in New York City, his passion for art began with visits to the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He studied Fine Art at Pratt Institute and graduated as a Fine Art and Illustration Major from the School of Visual Arts.  His art career began while attending the School of Visual Arts, illustrating and designing windows and installations for clients such as Bergdorf Goodman, Gucci and Barneys. Tim is a set designer and stylist for photo shoots, videos and commercials.  His professional work can be seen in Vanity Fair, O Magazine, The New York Times as well as advertising campaigns for major corporations.

Since moving to the Hudson Valley, his work continues to flourish. The surrounding landscape and the energy of nature, serve as newfound inspiration for Tim’s drawing, painting and mixed media pieces. Tim’s studio was created when he discovered a 150-year old barn and had it moved and reassembled on his property, and its panoramic view of the Catskill Mountains provides inspiration. Tim Ebneth’s work has been exhibited throughout Hudson, NY and the Hudson Valley at various galleries, The Hudson Opera House, select juried and invitational exhibitions, as well as in private collections. His website is: timebneth.com. Tim is the recipient of the Art School of Columbia County’s Award for Excellence in Teaching for 2015.

Gary Finelli

Gary FinelliGary Finelli has been an artist for over forty years. His education was in Superior, Wisconsin where he received a Bachelor in Fine Arts.  Upon moving back east to New York City, he earned a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy from New York University. He has exhibited in many juried shows and has won awards for his art. Much of his fine art is influenced by illuminated manuscripts which he has been re-creating in a contemporary version. His strong design for the layout of his subject matter consists primarily of abstracted versions of portraits, figure studies and landscapes. As an illustrator he has drawn political cartoons for a newspaper in the mid-west, designed greeting cards, and has illustrated two books. Examples of Gary’s portraits and fine art work may be found on his website.  Gary is the recipient of the Art School of Columbia County’s Award for Excellence in Teaching for 2017.

Jean Mackay

Artist and educator Jean Mackay has been exploring nature and sharing its beauty and diversity with others for more than 20 years. Working in all kinds of settings, from tide pools to farm fields to museums, Jean’s watercolor paintings and journals reflect a keen eye for detail and profound sense of wonder. Her blog, Drawn In, shares the ordinary, yet extraordinary things that she encounters close to home and farther afield.  Jean has an M.S. in Environmental Education from Lesley College. In addition to teaching at the Art School of Columbia County, she directs the Arts and Birding program each July at the Hog Island Audubon Camp in Maine. More information is on her website: www.jeanmackayart.com.

HM Saffer, II

H.M. Saffer, II launched his art career at age of six. A graduate of Temple University, HM’s life took many exciting paths, including becoming a successful songwriter and producer and the chef /owner of restaurants in Paris and Ibiza, Spain. HM never stopped painting and exhibiting his works and before returning to the United States in 1970, he completed selected studies at L’Ecole Des Beaux Arts and exhibited in Paris and Brussels, Belgium. HM’s musical career took him to Warner Brothers and, while there, he painted a forty foot mural in their Madison Avenue Headquarters.

Always looking to broaden his scope, HM studied the art of Japanese brush painting and subsequently traveled to Japan to study with Japanese masters, and there he met his wife, Hisayo. While in Japan, HM adapted his Sumi-e techniques by applying Western styles of painting. He was represented by Galerie Musee and the Artbridge Gallery in Japan, and in Hong Kong by Alisen Gallery and the Kwai Fung Hin Gallery enjoying successful solo exhibits. His style of painting shifted from exclusively works on paper to include oils. He began melding his Oriental influences with his Western styles in order to create new and different paths towards interpersonal visual expression, and his current works are a reflection of this mélange.

HM has instructed at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA, Berkshire Community College, and Columbia-Greene Community College. He currently has gallery representation in the United States and Internationally. HM and his wife live in Upstate New York.  Visit HM’s website.

Maj Kalfus

Maj_Kalfus_ProfileMaj Kalfus was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her paintings and drawings are influenced by an extensive career in the fashion industry. After attending the High School of Art and Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, as well as classes at the School of Visual Arts, her career which began in the field of fashion illustration, evolved into fashion merchandising, marketing and design. Re-entering the world of fine art, she joined the Studio Arts Program at SUNY Empire State College in Chelsea and participated in several shows.

Her very personal style of family portraiture has led to privately commissioned paintings and drawings. With a studio in the country she has taken advantage of the natural landscape and gardens with interpretations of flowers and country vistas. Roosters, hens, and goats have also become part of her repertoire. More recently she has developed a following as an art teacher with classes in figure drawing, painting, color and design in New York and Massachusetts. And, she has been drawing cartoons expressing her views on political and social issues for many years.

Maj and her husband, photographer, Lonny Kalfus have their studios in a century old, renovated farmhouse in Columbia County, NY. Collections of Maj’s works have been exhibited extensively throughout Columbia County.  More information may be found on their website: www.kalfus-studios.com.  Maj is the recipient of the Art School of Columbia County’s Award for Excellence in Teaching for 2018.

Jerry Freedner

Jerry Freedner has had a recent show at the Carrie Haddad Gallery in Hudson, NY, and has exhibited his work in juried shows at the Barrett Art Center, Spencertown Academy, and the Italian Cultural Institute in NYC, among others. He studied photography at the New School in NYC in the 1960s and later with Lisette Model. He has an enduring affinity with nature in all of its forms, and within the last ten years his concerns have shifted to the intense fragility of this earth we share. Jerry hopes that his work might serve as a vehicle to stir a sense stewardship: to conserve the wonder and beauty about us, which is now fraught with unhappy change and threatened loss. Jerry is the recipient of a grant from the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, which he is using to explore rural and farmland conservation in his photography.  More information may be found at: www.jerryfreedner.com and additional images at .www.carriehaddadgallery.com.




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