A Vision Translated: Photography Workshops with Jerry Freedner

Photographer and ASCC faculty member Jerry Freedner has had a recent show at the Carrie Haddad Gallery in Hudson, NY, and has exhibited his work in juried shows at the Barrett Art Center, Spencertown Academy, and the Italian Cultural Institute in NYC, among others.  He will be teaching three weekend workshops this fall at ASCC: Basic Photography (Sept 13-14); Further Exposure (Oct 18-19) and Post-Processing/Photoshop (Nov 15-16).  Each workshop runs Saturday and Sunday from 10 am – 4 pm.

I asked Jerry a few questions about his courses:

Is there a form of communication specific to (or done best by) photography? 

JF: There is a common thread among artists: each understands the importance of their work to express themselves, to have their vision translated, and most importantly to have an emotional component shared.  The language of any artist, though unique to a medium, is global as well.

"Farm Field 2" by Jerry Freedner.  Courtesy of Jerry Freedner (www.jerryfreedner.com)

“Farm Field 2” by Jerry Freedner. Courtesy of Jerry Freedner (www.jerryfreedner.com)

In this age of selfies and cellphones, photography is everywhere.  Yet, many people find DSLR cameras challenging.  How do you bridge that divide? 

JF: The transition [from the point and shoot to the DSLR] occurs when people encounter limitations: they find that their photography no longer speaks to their vision in a way that is meaningful to them; they find they need more than that which they accomplish with an iPhone.  They have reached the limits of in-camera software.  They want to get that extreme close-up of the butterfly, or they want a photo of a landscape at night and need a twenty-second exposure.  So it becomes the inadequacy of the tool that is also a motivating factor.  Finally, it is the awareness of, and satisfaction from, the creative process as opposed to the automatic, that lays the foundation for our art.

What is your teaching philosophy?

JF: There’s a quote by John Muir that guides much of what I do: “I care to live only to entice people to look at nature’s loveliness. My own special self is nothing. I want to be like a flake of glass through which light passes.”  I want to share my vision in a meaningful way.  I want it to remain important for me and hopefully become important to my students.

Image courtesy of Jerry Freedner (jerryfreeedner.com).

Courtesy of Jerry Freedner (jerryfreeedner.com).

I enjoy teaching, and a favorite moment is when a student hints at an understanding of the importance of stewardship and the protection of this fragile Earth we share.  It’s a global language we as artists speak, and it connects us on a very meaningful level.

You may learn more about Jerry’s work on his website: www.jerryfreedner.com or at carriehaddadgallery.com.

Share in this vision of the world.  Capture the beauty of autumn in Columbia County through the lens of your camera: register on-line for one (or all) of Jerry’s workshops today.


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