Thank you to our Donors: 2013-2014

With thanks to our 2014 Fall Campaign Supporters, who generously supported ASCC’s mission of “imagining art for everyone.”

$250 and above
  • Nicole Furnée & Tom Chulak
  • Wendy Moss & Rob Morel
  • Purcell Palmer Foundation
up to $249
  • Trudi Roth
  • Marilyn Sokol
up to $99
  • Brigette Gfeller
  • Wendy & Sandy Noyes
  • Sharon Rutkowski
  • Marlene Vidibor
  • Susan Way & Patricia Sheron

With heartfelt thanks for your generosity!  ASCC would also like to thank the following donors and volunteers:

  • ARTalks Underwriter: Amy Krane Color – full underwriter of “Town & Country: Space & Place in Art”
  • Volunteer Friends of ASCC, Fall 2014-Winter 2015: Fern Apfel, Lisa LaMonica, Lisa Makas, Trudi Roth, Lori Rothstein, Renee Shur, Pamela Strousse, Beth Thielen, Mary Young
  • Children’s Art Programs Volunteers: Tanya Hamm, Celena Stowell
  • Gifts of Art Equipment & Supplies. With thanks to those who have generously donated supplies for our art classes and programs: Fran Heaney, Amy Laurie, Teresa Reyes, Melissa Sarris, Pamela Strousse.

2013 Friends of the Art School of Columbia County

$1000 and above

  • Thomas Chulak
  • Nicole Furnée
  • Fran Heaney
  • Mary Higgins
  • Robert Laurie

up to $999

  • Kitty Chick
  • Ellen Chulak
  • John Cooley
  • Julie Diamond
  • Jean Hamilton
  • Annalee Johnson
  • Julia Johnson Rothenberg
  • Maria Koloziej-Zincio
  • Cecele Kraus
  • Larry Machiz
  • Wendy Moss & Rob Morel
  • Wendy & Sandy Noyes
  • Trudi Roth & Larry Zimmerman
  • Sandy Scarano
  • Laura Summer
  • Gifts in memory of Pat Morton

In-kind Donations: Andrew Higgins, Steve Rosenzweig, Mario’s Lumber Store

Please let us know if we have missed anyone inadvertently — with our apologies! 

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