How to Speak Botanically: Florals in Mixed Media – Nov 4


Create expressionistic florals (naturalistic or abstract) in mixed media paintings.

Faculty: Sara Pruiksma

Saturday Nov 4

10 am – 4 pm


Respond to the fall landscape through art – inspired by the seeds, pods, and organic forms of later autumn, learn how to depict nature (naturalistic or abstract) in mixed media paintings.   Using both realistic renderings and abstract flora-like forms, we will create dynamic water based, mixed media paintings using watercolor and/or gouache and ink. We will brush up on composition, color, and gesture, and how to imbue our plant life with personality.  If the weather permits, students will spend some time outside in the school’s gardens observing the structure of seed pods, branches, and other plant forms, and gathering materials that inspire them.  

Want to learn more? Read out interview with Sara Pruiksma!

Level/age:  all levels – ages 15 on up


  • Assorted light sketching pencils, kneaded eraser, sharpener.
  • Watercolor paint set, small palette or plate, jar and paper towels.
  • Watercolor brushes in various small to medium sizes: Round, round pointed, filbert and detail brush.
  • Watercolor paper 18″ x 24”

Integrating water soluble mixed media will be encouraged and explored, so please bring at least two of the following (and more as you like and are able):

  • Fine-tip pens and markers.
  • Colored pencils.
  • Inks and gouache.

Botanical mixed media image (detail) courtesy of Sara Pruiksma.

work-in-progress; photo courtesy of Sara Pruiksma

work-in-progress; photo courtesy of Sara Pruiksma