Brush Making with Tim Ebneth


Friday, February 11 12:30 to 4:30 p.m.
$83 non-members and $71 members

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This workshop will be an exploration into making one of a kind brushes and has its roots in many global cultures. You will create your brushes by using found objects and everyday materials. These brushes as functional tools will then be used during the class to make abstract art on various types of paper and surfaces. Open to all levels, no prior art experience needed. This class is limited in size.

Some Basic Tools and Paints are needed

Assorted wire, Glue, Hot Glue, Plier, Wire Snips, Scissors, Acrylic paint, House paint , Ink, Pads of large paper – 18×24 or larger, Rolls of paper, Containers for paints/Ink

Supplies for Brushes – Think Outside the Box!

Handles, Driftwood, Old paint brush handles or new ones that can be deconstructed, Twigs / Sticks, Dowel rods cut to size – I have used my old paint stirring sticks, Bamboo – cut to size,

Brush Heads:

String – Thread, Raffia, Plastic cord for crafts, Leaves – Grass, Mop head, Broom Bristles, Bubble wrap, Twigs,


Fabric, Yarn, Embroidery Thread, Wire, String, Cording