Beginning Drawing – starts Mar 7


Anyone can draw!  The perfect class to start your art explorations, or revisit the important role of drawing in art-making.   

Faculty: Gary Finelli

Two Thursdays 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Mar 7, 14

snow date: Thursday April 4 12:30-3:30 pm (please note time change)



Anyone can draw!  This is a class for those who feel they cannot draw and are afraid to try, or for those who feel they are would like to improve their drawing.  Discover the basics of drawing in a creative, supportive atmosphere.  We will learn how complex subjects can be broken down into similar shapes, and how to use proportions, sketching and techniques to check the accuracy of your drawing.  This class is a great beginning for anyone who would like to learn how to draw or learn to draw better.  We will work as a group with lots of individual guidance.  You will be excited to see how far you’ve come in this short class!

Please note the time change for the snow date: snow date: Thursday April 4 12:30-3:30 pm.

Wild Rose

“Wild Rose” by Gary Finelli, courtesy of the artist

Level/age: an excellent for first class at ASCC for beginners / age 15 on up


  • 3 pencils (HB, B, F) or a No 2 pencil
  • eraser (gum eraser suggested)
  • drawing paper or a sketch book (a good size is 11 x14″, but other sizes OK)

Want to learn more about Gary’s teaching style? Read Kathryn’s interview with Gary on our website

Student feedback on Gary as a teacher:

  • “very well organized”
  • “excellent information from a dedicated instructor”
  • “very organized, lots of evident effort – [it] paid off!!”
  • “great use of projector – handouts – asked for questions”
  • appreciated “the context of art history, plus instructor’s own context of design”