#10 Private Consultation


Money matters!  Experience a private consultation with Dr. Richard Trachtman, noted author.



Money matters!  Experience a private consultation for one adult or couple for a one hour consultation about finances, money, and relationships with Dr. Richard Trachtman, the author of Money And The Pursuit Of Happiness and Money and Psychotherapy.  Dr. Trachtman draws on his experience and perspective of a skilled Life Coach, Psychotherapist and Marriage Counselor. He writes: “Money can’t buy happiness but it can support the foundations of a happy life if understood and used wisely. If misunderstood and used poorly, money can seriously undermine your chances for emotional well-being….life satisfaction comes from living a life based not on money…but on love and meaningful work.”

Free shipping.  Date to be mutually arranged.

Image: Quentin Matsys, The Money Changer and His Wife (1514)