What does our community say about ASCC?

“The class I took at the Art School was intimate and accessible…. I hadn’t taken an art class since I was in college five or six years ago, and so for me, it was a powerful experience…to be told that I could create art, to have others see it and react. I wouldn’t have been able to take this class without the scholarship I received, and I am so, so grateful I had the chance to! …. How lucky am I that someone values the experience of making art enough that they were willing to partially fund my class tuition? I’m looking forward to future classes at ASCC, too.”   – ASCC scholarship recipient

“It’s like a dream come true!” – student in one of our Art in the Library programs (grade 6)

“I am so happy I have found this pocket of creativity in the country!”   – ASCC student

“Clear & creative.  My nephew came home, made another collage and looked up the poem & picture of [Robert] Frost on the computer. Then he explained it to his parents.  Great job.  The kids read the poem, cut out parts & explained why they chose what they chose.” – Elizabeth Smith, Trustee, North Chatham Library

“A terrific & necessary experience…there was a real community in the room as a result of the 2 artists sharing their creative process.”  – ARTalks 2017 attendee

“Learning at ASCC has brought me JOY and expanded my painterly vision.  Thanks so much.” – ASCC student

“I met other artists in the area… I am looking for work currently and it would have been difficult for me to have spent $ on myself in this manner.” – ASCC scholarship recipient

“A great deal of effort when into the designs and it encouraged creativity on multiple levels.  Both the instructor and assistant encouraged and supported the children’s efforts.  They were approachable and clear on the instructions…I was incredibly impressed by the effort that was put in. [The best aspect was] the way it completely captured the story and made it very personal to each child.  Couldn’t be any more pleased with the project from start to finish.”  – Librarian, ASCC’s Community Read Art program (grades 4-8)

“[The best aspect was] the personalized ideas of a ‘landscape you remember’ and including a family photo in the collage. It was beautifully prepared and executed, thank you!  We hope to have this opportunity again.” – Margaret Carlson, Activities at Camphill Ghent regarding ASCC’s “Art & Memories Program”

“Great school, great teachers, great instructor, great ambiance, great location” – ASCC student

“I thought it was great for my son who’s shy — [the program] motivated him.” – parent of child in “Art in the Library” program

“Because of the scholarship I received, I experienced the opportunity to explore the beautiful world of watercolors. It was such a wonderful 6 hours that enriched me in many ways.” – ASCC scholarship recipient

“I want to thank ASCC for helping me do something I wouldn’t have been able to do.” – ASCC scholarship recipient

“I enjoyed myself so much. I would definitely take another class here.  I loved the atmosphere.” – ASCC student

“I feel a lot of effort went into adapting material….children & their parents were welcomed, supported and were very pleased with their work.” – Librarian, “Art in the Library” program

“I think it was exciting how the children understood all the craziness in the poem. Poetry and art [are] hand in hand.” – Librarian, “Art in the Library” program

“Because of the scholarship I received, I discovered that I loved painting…Thank you!  Thank you!” – ASCC scholarship recipient

“MORE!!!!”  – ASCC student

“Thank you for encouraging art!”  – ASCC student

“Connection of words & art very good, clear & creatively accomplished….The kids were enthusiastic, highly engaged, very relaxed & encouraged to freely interact with each other.” – Grant panelist auditor, “Art in the Library” program

“We are lucky to have this place.” – ASCC student

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