ARTalks 2016

ARTalks 2016 graphic

Art as Surroundings: Environment & Art  March 20, 2016

generously sponsored by The Lofgren Agency, Chatham NY

How do surroundings inform the creation of art?  How does art respond, shape, or impose on the surrounding landscape?  How does contemporary artistic engagement with environment engage with or transcend traditional conceptions of “landscape”?

Invited Artists:

  • Jerry Freedner, ASCC Faculty Member
  • Melody Mason
  • Draga Susanj, ASCC Faculty Member

Art as Story: Narrative & Art  April 3, 2016

generously sponsored by Great Finds, Valatie NY

Art is visual, but how does it include concepts of narrative, sequence, story, or time?  How does art reflect or shape personal narrative or a family or shared narrative?  How does art create an imagined narrative and how does this inform “the real”?

Invited Artists:

  • Fern Apfel
  • Nancy Kohler
  • Maria Kolodziej-Zincio

Art as Self: Identity & Art  April 17, 2016

generously sponsored by Countryside Dental, Chatham NY

Invited Artists

  • Tim Ebneth, ASCC Faculty Member
  • Gary Finelli, ASCC Faculty Member
  • Polly Law

What is the relationship between personal identity and community in art?  How much does art reveal or conceal about the self?  How much does art project or imagine about the self?  How does the making of art contribute to the creation, understanding, or unfolding of identity?


Presented by ASCC Faculty and invited artists and held at the Art School. Sunday Afternoons, 2-4 pm.  Suggested donation $5 (18 and under free).  Refreshments will be served.


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