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What is Art on Wheels?  As part of ASCC’s mission of “imagining art for everyone,” ASCC is taking art on the road in Columbia County through our Art on Wheels program. The vision for Art on Wheels is to bring visual arts education to people where they reside and gather.  Art on Wheels serves those:

  • who cannot travel (in nursing homes, rehabilitation units, prisons, schools)
  • who have limited access to visual arts education
  • who have long distances to travel (rural populations)
  • with limited resources.

What does Art on Wheels accomplish? Art on Wheels builds community and connects people by creating:

  • shared experiences
  • meaningful emotional bonds
  • opportunities to bridge gaps between generations, different backgrounds, perspectives
  • Art on Wheels reaches people who might not otherwise be exposed to the visual arts
  • Art on Wheels enriches people’s lives.

Why work with ASCC to meet visual arts educational needs? ASCC employs qualified faculty in the areas of:

  • Teaching art to children
  • Teaching art to seniors
  • Teaching art to populations with various challenges (mobility, age, economic status)
  • Teaching art to those in need.

ASCC faculty have been interviewed and vetted, and possess appropriate degrees (BA, BFA, MA, MFA, and various licenses and on-going educational programs) to develop, manage, and teach various arts programs. In addition, ASCC provides the administrative oversight to review, supervise, and maintain quality relationships with multiple educational and community organizations, in both formal and informal settings. ASCC provides day-to-day administration of visual arts programs, so that there is continuity and follow-through.  ASCC partners with organizations to develop grant or donation-based visual arts programming.

Examples of Art on Wheels programs successfully completed by ASCC:

  • Chatham Kids Club: Winter Break Program (one week), successfully taught art programs to approximately 65 children, pre-K-6, February 2014
  • Partnership with Chatham Kids Club (Chatham NY): developed and taught five units of arts programs for children pre-K-6, including painting, puppet-making, maze-making, and sculpture-making, summer 2014.
  • “Art in the Library: a Pop-up Program” arts program for 1-2/3-6 graders in Chatham Elementary School Library.  Received funding from Chatham Education Foundation of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.
  • Spring-Summer 2015 “Art in the Library: a Pop-up Program” – faculty taught 13  free arts program for 1-12th graders in rural libraries in Columbia County (Claverack, Valatie, Chatham, and North Chatham Libraries).  Artists taught art projects interconnected to poetry, reading, and books to over 135 children and parents.  Received NYSCA Decentralization Funds and Mid-Hudson Library Grant (2015).
  • We have taught our free “Community & Me” free children’s program for over 300 community members (children and their families) during Chatham’s Summer Fest (July 2015 and 2016).
  • 31 free “Art in the Library” programs were taught in 2016 in 7 community libraries and the Kinderhook and Chatham School Districts.  Received NYSCA Decentralization Funds and a Stewart’s Holiday Match Grant, and funding from the Chatham Education Foundation and Kinderhook Arts & Humanities Fund of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.
  • Our “Art & Memories” program for seniors with cognitive issues (including Alzheimer’s) are being taught at Camphill Ghent in fall 2016.  Received funding from the Fund for Columbia County of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.

Please consider supporting our vision. 

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